Town of Mosman Park

Camelot Outdoor Cinema, Mosman Park

  • Camelot is Mosman Park’s original outdoor cinema with its beautiful courtyard and picture garden
  • Luna Palace Cinemas co-ordinate the film season
  • Entrance (including wheelchair access) is available via gates off Lochee Street straight into the outdoor cinema
  • Paved covered area most accessible for viewing films
  • Fully licensed bar/kiosk available on paved area along with woodfire pizzas
  • Unisex accessible toilet available on site
  • Accessible parking bay available on site at the rear of the building off Solomon Street 
Location (View Map)
12-16 Lochee Street, Mosman Park, WA 6012 Australia
Opening Hours
  • Season starts 2nd week December through to 3rd week in April annually.  Doors open 6.15pm, films start at 8.00pm refer to website for further information
  • Screens current movies on summer nights from December to April.  Film details available from MosArts or visit
  • Tickets available online until 4.00pm (or until sold out) on the day of screening. Unresrved seating and online tickets are available for collection from Camelot only on night of screening.
For cinema tickets contact the Windsor on 9386 3554 (daytime) or after 6.30pm 9385 4793.

Closest accessible parking

  • Accessible parking bay at the rear of building.
  • Bay is unsigned and identified with an access symbol and blue line markings on the ground.
  • Bay is bitumen, sloped from main to back gradient 1.6 and is 2.7 metres wide and 5.2 metres long.
  • Vehicle access from: Solomon Street
Accessible parking bay
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External access and entrance
  • Parking bay links via a 4cm high vehicle curb to wide brick path to the cinema entrance.   Slight slope at gates gradient of 3.1  
  • Large double gate 2 metres wide opened by staff prior to film starting.  Closed when film starts and reopened when film finishes. 
Front Memorial Hall Main gate Path leading from car park to entrance
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Internal area
  • There is a level paved covered area that includes an eating area which can be used for viewing the films.  Eatng area includes and outside bar/kiosk.  Bar 1.2 metres high. 
  • Metal standard chairs with armrests and moveable square tables with corner legs.  Fixed bar stools and bench.
  • The rest of the theatre is down a set of brick stairs leading into open outdoor cinema seating, that includes deck chairs. 
Undercover outdoor bar/kiosk seating photo 1 Undercover outdoor bar/kiosk seating photo 2 Film screen and uncovered outdoor seating Outdoor bar/kiosk Outdoor ramp into Memorial Hall foyer to toilet
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Signage, customer displays and customer information
  • Large banner with large white print on black background on front of building

Toilet: Memorial Hall, Mosman Park

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Availability: Unlocked
  • Customer use only: Yes
  • Signage: Black and white male/female figures above main corridor. Wheelchair on accessible toilet door with lavatory written in gold print.
  • External access: The toilet is located at the end of the main foyer and beginning of a corridor that narrows to 78cm.
  • Toilet door: 78cm wide which is heavy to open and fast to close. It has a knob handle.
  • Pan height: 48cm
  • Handrails: Yes
  • Basin height: 74cm
  • Lighting: Light switch in the cubicle is at sitting height
Corridor leading to toilet Toilet layout Toilet diagram
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Information collected by: Town of Mosman Park

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.