City of Subiaco

Broadway Fair Shopping Centre, Nedlands

  • Three level shopping centre and car park with accessible bays on all levels
  • Centre is arranged with a centrally located, open air atrium with an undercover paved pedestrian mall area surrounding the atrium on three sides
  • All pedestrian areas are wide, undercover and have a level surface
  • Well appointed unisex accessible toilet located on Fairway (lower) level
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88 Broadway, Nedlands, WA 6009 Australia
Opening Hours
Centre is open 24 hours. Opening hours of individual shops vary.
08 9386 3390

Closest accessible parking

  • Broadway Customer Car Park is a three level undercover car park with clearly marked accessible bays on each level.
  • Vehicle entry off Fairway to access Fairway lower level.
  • Vehicle entry off Broadway to access Broadway middle and office upper levels.
  • Fairway lower level has a bay 3.7 metres wide and 4.6 metres long with a 2.9 metre overhead clearance. 
  • Broadway middle level has two bays. Both bays are 3.4 metres wide and 5.5 metres long with overhead clearance of 2.7 metres. 
  • Office upper level has two bays both 2.5 metres wide and 5.5 metres long with 2.9 metres overhead clearance. These bays are separated by a wide pedestrian space leading to the centre entrance.
  • Pedestrian access: There is pedestrian access beside each accessible bay directly to the corresponding level. .
Accessible Bay Accessible bay Accessible bay
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Pick up / set down bay
  • Three standard side by side bays located on Fairway (lower) level of car park.
  • 10 minute time limit.
  • Level access via wide, paved pathway from bays to shops on Fairway (lower) level.
External access and entrance
  • Broadway Footpath: Wide, level footpath links to a 10 metre long ramp with a steep gradient of 1:10 that links to a central uncovered seating area.  From here ramps also connect to the middle and lower levels of the shopping centre.
  • Alternatively entry is along the northern undercover walkway at the middle level and via a metre long ramp with a gradient of 1:15, or up two steps to the southern walkway.
  • Fairway Footpath: Entry from wide, level concrete footpath to shops on Fairway (lower) level is via a five metre long ramp with a gradient steeper than 1:8.
Internal area
  • There are three, open aired, undercover levels.
  • There is ramp and stair access connecting Fairway lower and Broadway middle levels. There is only stair access up to the office upper level. Accessible parking is available on this upper level and provides alternative access to these services.
  • From the Fairway lower level the shops on the Broadway middle level are accessed via a wide switchback ramp.  The ramp has handrails and each section is 13 metres long and has a gradient of more than 1:8.  There is a 2cm lip where the lamp connects to the paved seating area on the middle level. The upper section of the ramp links the seating area to the Broadway middle level undercover walkway and shops. There are also stairways, with one handrail, linking all levels. 
  • Fairway lower level: Wide, level, undercover paved mall area with central atrium seating area. Fixed table 74cm high has 43cm high bench seating attached and some knee clearance at the ends.  Shops and food retailers surround this atrium seating area.
  • Broadway middle level: Wide undercover walkways with shops at sides. Benches with 46cm seating placed along walkway. 
  • Spacious seating area with umbrellas next to Broadway footpath. Fixed tables 71cm high and bench seating 42cm high provided.  
  • Office upper level: Wide, level, undercover, concrete walkways provided.
Signage, customer displays and customer information
  • Shopping centre identified by a large sign with good colour contrast. 
  • A directory board is located on each level at the entrances from the car park. 

Toilet: Broadway Fair Shopping Centre

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Description: A unisex toilet is located on Fairway lower level of the car park.
  • Signage: No directional signage from inside the shopping centre, however the international access symbol is on the side wall visible from within the car park and toilet door.
  • External access: Access via a 140cm wide, level paved path from the corridor entrance of the Fairway lower level mall.
  • Toilet door: 90cm wide swing door with a lever handle and a large locking snib.
  • Pan height: 43cm
  • Basin height: 74cm
  • Lighting: A manual switch is located 100cm high.
Toilet Basin Toilet diagram
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Information collected by: City of Subiaco

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.