Shire of Augusta Margaret River

CaveWorks Eco Interpretative Centre and Lake Cave, Forest Grove

  • Accessible parking bay on site
  • Accessible toilet on site
  • Fully accessible display area with educational material and shop
  • Lake Cave is not wheelchair accessible, but can been seen on a tour arranged in the shop area
Caves Road, Forrest Grove, WA (20 kilometres south of Margaret River)
Opening Hours
Daily 9.00am to 5.00pm (closed Christmas Day)
08 9757 7411

Closest accessible parking

  • One accessible parking bay, approximately 20 metres from the CaveWorks building and 15 metres from the toilet block.
  • The bay is level and has a firm, even surface. 
  • Identified by elevated signage.
  • Bay is 3.7 metres wide and 6 metres long.
  • Pedestrian access: A short kerb ramp connects the bay with an accessible brick paved path leading to CaveWorks and the Tea Rooms in one direction and the accessible toilet in the other.
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External access and entrance
  • Parking bay is about 25 metres from the Centre entrance. It is brick paving and level.
  • Entrance has double glass doors, each 80cm wide.  Both doors can be opened if required.
Internal area
  • CaveWorks Interpretive Centre has educative displays and interactive models of caves which includes a life like cave model and replicas of cave formations.
  • The Cave Crawl is a life like tunnel to provide the experience of a tight space found in wild caves.
  • There are wide aisles throughout the CaveWorks store and interpretive displays.
  • There is a central pathway leading through the front shop area to the interpretative displays.
  • Displays are located at sitting and standing heights.
  • Touch table at 77cm with clearance underneath.
  • Wall displays start at 1 metre.
  • TV height 1.3 metres.
  • Cave interpretive area is 58cm at its narrowest point. It consists of a wooden pathway 1 metre wide with rails on both sides.
Wide aisle through store Interpretive displays Interpretive displays CaveWorks Cave model CaveWorks cave model
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Signage, customer displays and customer information
Clear signage in the Centre.
Cafe, dining and food outlet
Lake Cave Tea Rooms
  • Manually opening glass double doors, one side kept open, 80cm wide. The other side can be opened on request.
  • A 6 metre long ramp with a gradient of 1:8 leads to the Tea Rooms. Entrance from brick paving outside to tiles inside is level.
  • Tables are 74cm high, chairs do not have armrests.
  • Menu chalkboard at standing height.
  • Payment counter at sitting height.

Toilet: Accessible Toilet, CaveWorks Eco Interpretative Centre

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Signage: No directional signage from the CaveWorks building.
  • External access: A wide, 35 metre long, level path from the CaveWorks building to the toilet.
  • Toilet door: The 83cm wide toilet door swings outwards and is heavy to open and closes fast. It has a knob handle and a large lock.
  • Pan height: 43cm
  • Basin height: 86cm
  • Lighting: Switch at 93cm.
Toilet door Toilet and basin Toilet diagram
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  • There is a boardwalk and viewing platform to the entrance of Lake Cave.
  • Manual glass doors lead off the main interpretive centre, one door is 78cm wide.
  • This leads onto a wide wooden platform with a gradient of 1:25, downwards, for about 25 metres.
Doors to boardwalk Boardwalk to lookout
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Information collected by: Shire of Augusta Margaret River

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.