City of Armadale

Champion Lakes Regatta Centre, Champion Lakes, Armadale

  • The Regatta Centre is an international facility for rowing, kayaking and dragon boating and a regional recreational park
  • Two accessible parking bays on site
  • A combined unisex accessible toilet and shower on site
  • Lift access to the upper level Function Room
Location (View Map)
Lake Road, Champion Lakes, WA 6111 Australia (Henley Drive, off Lake Road, opposite Camillo Drive)
Opening Hours
  • Open for scheduled events and events bookings.
  • 08 9390 7051

Closest accessible parking

  • Two accessible parking bays on level even bitumen with blue ground markings.
  • Bays are 3.2 metres wide and 5.5 metres long.
  • Vehicle access from: Lake Road
  • Pedestrian access: Access via the vehicle entrance to the car park with a kerb ramp from the roadway to a 1.2 metres wide paved level path.
Parking bay
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External access and entrance
  • Access to the upper level Function Room is via two sets of external stairs onto a wide balcony.
  • Stairs have handrails on both sides. Steps have an open design with no backs.
  • Ground level entrance is from a covered verandah through a wide door held open.
  • Access from ground level to the toilets and a lift to Functions Room on upper level.
External access Stairs to Club Function Room
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Internal area
  • The upstairs Function Room is accessed from stairs onto a covered balcony with a view of the lake.
  • Access between the balcony and Function Room is through a wide heavy sliding door with a 6.5cm lip at the base and a D style handle.
  • The Function Room is carpeted and spacious with a central open kitchen with a bench 90cm high.
  • Tables are 73cm high with 70cm knee clearance. Seats do not have armrests.
Inside club room Upper level balcony
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Signage, customer displays and customer information
  • Signage to the toilets and lift.
  • Program brochures are displayed at sitting height outside office door on the verandah. 


Lift to the Function Room

  • A small lift designed for people with disabilities.
    At the ground level the door opens automatically when the large external control is pushed.
    At the top the door opens directly into the Function room. It is manually opened by using the finger pull style handle.
  • Levels serviced by lift: Ground level and upper level with a Function Room.
  • Assistance or independently operable: Independently operated.
  • External controls: External controls at 1 metre height and light up when activated.
  • Door type: Door is 85cm wide and light to push and slow to close. Doors open outwards at top and bottom levels.
  • Door width: 85cm
  • Platform size: Length 1.4 metres, width 1 metre
  • Internal controls: At sitting height, require constant pressure to activate.
  • Indicators of floor level: Visual and tone sound when the car arrives at each level
  • Emergency alarm: Yes
Lift entrance Lift controls, internal
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Change Room

Champion Lakes Regatta Centre

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Description: A combined shower and toilet.
    Light is on at all times.
  • Availability: Open during business hours
  • Signage: Directional signs from the corridor.
  • Change room door: Off a 1 metre wide corridor. The door is 80cm wide, heavy to open and slow to close with a D handle and large lock. The door holds open.
  • Shower:
    • Level access shower with hand held shower hose.
    • A wall mounted shower seat 48cm high.
    • Low coat hook.
  • Toilet pan height: 48cm
  • Basin height: 77cm
  • Emergency alarm: Yes
Shower Toilet pan Basin Bathroom diagram
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Boat Shed
  • A separate building next door that is accessed along the undercover verandah to an uncovered ramp with water drainage gaps up to 6cm wide.
  • The entrance door is 95cm wide.
Boat shed
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Information collected by: City of Armadale

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.