Shire of Kalamunda

St Barnabas Anglican Church, Kalamunda

  • Anglican church
  • Eucharist
  • Sunday School
  • Sound amplification is provided in the church
  • Closest accessible toilet is at the church hall building
  • There are no designated accesible parking bays on site
  • There is unmarked parking at a large gravel car park alongside the church hall
St Barnabas Church Internal Congregation Area
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Location (View Map)
40 Railway Road, Kalamunda, WA 6076 Australia
Opening Hours
  • Monday to Friday open all day
  • Friday Eucharist 9.30am 
  • Sunday School 9.30am
  • Sunday Eucharist 8 am to 9.30am
  • Sunday Family Service 5 pm 
08 9293 4300

Pick up / set down bay
  • The closest accessible pick up and set down bay is next to the Church Hall. 
  • There  are no designated accesible parking bays on site.  There is unmarked parking at a large gravel car park located alongside church hall with small ramp to path the hall and Church.
External access and entrance
  • The level brick pathway is 2 metres wide leading to the church and church hall.
  • The wide 1.8 metre long ramp has a gradient of 7.8.
  • There is a double door swing door 1.4 metres wide that is open open during opening hours.
Door to Church
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Internal area
  • The church is spacious.
  • The central aisle slopes gently down towards the front altar and the floor surface is carpet.
  • There are no steps to the communion area and the lecturn is standing height.
  • There is space at the side of the pews and at the front for wheelchair users.
  • Seating is on wooden pews.
Signage, customer displays and customer information
  • Signage is large, clear with good colour contrast.
  • There is sound amplification.
Fittings and fixtures
  • Creche located in same block as the church hall

Toilet: St Barnabas Toilet

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Availability: Unlocked during church opening hours.
  • Customer use only: Yes
  • Description: Unisex toilet located in the church hall opposite the Church.
  • Signage: The overhead directional sign by the kitchen is clear and has good colour contrast
  • External access: Wide external corridor
  • Main entrance: Double doors to Church Hall which are 1.5 metres wide
  • Toilet door: The 81 cm wide swing door into the toilet has a plate on the outside and a D handle and vacant/engaged lock on the inside.
  • Pan height: 44 cm
  • Handrails: Yes
  • Basin height: 77 cm
  • Paper towel dispenser: Yes. Height 130 cm
  • Lighting: The switch is 1.3 metres high
Toilet signage Toilet door Toilet Basin Toilet diagram
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Information collected by: Shire of Kalamunda

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.