City of Melville

Deep Water Point Reserve, Mt Pleasant

  • A riverside park with wide level paths along the river forehore
  • A unisex accessible toilet and two accessible parking bays
  • Picnic facilities and small café within the park
Location (View Map)
Coogee Rd, Mount Pleasant, WA 6153 Australia
Opening Hours
  • 24 hours daily
  • City of Melville - 1300 635 845

Closest accessible parking

  • Two accessible parking bays on level, even bitumen.
  • The bays are 3.4 metres wide and 5.2 metres long and clearly identified.
  • Vehicle access from: The Esplanade
  • Pedestrian access:
    • Level access to the dual use path along the foreshore.
Parking with level access to the path
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Internal area
  • A wide level path continues along the foreshore.
  • A wide path connects to the cafe and toilet.
  • Picnic facilities and seating over compact grass.
  • A small 76cm wide wooden jetty can be accessed across loose river sand.
  • There is a bench seat with armrests on a brick paved stand, over looking the river.
Dual use path along the river foreshore Small jetty across sand Bench seat over looking the river
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Signage, customer displays and customer information
  • The entrance to the car park has a large sign with clear print.
Picnic facilities
  • The picnic table is on grass with fixed benches. There is some knee space at either end for a person using a wheelchair. The table is 79cm high with 75cm knee access.
  • Barbeques are on a paved area accessed across the grass and shade is provided. The top of the barbeque is 94cm high and the controls are at sitting height.
  • The decorative drinking fountain, set into a rock, is in a paved area. Controls are 66cm high with 40cm knee access.
Picnic table Barbeque Drinking fountain
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Play area
  • Play equipment is in a fenced play area with with a wide gate and low latch. The playground is shaded in summer and is generally on sand with some grass.
Fenced playground
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Toilet: Deep Water Point Unisex Accessible Toilet

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Availability: May be kept locked with the key available from the café staff.
  • Customer use only: Public use toilet.
  • Description: A toilet at the rear of the café.
  • Signage: There are no directional signs and no sign on the door.
  • External access: Off a 1 metre wide path that connects to the car park and dual use path along the river foreshore. The entry is covered.
  • Toilet door: An 83cm wide door with a lever handle and large lock at standing height. The door is light to open and slow to close.
  • Pan height: 44cm
  • Handrails: Yes
  • Basin height: 78cm
Path to the toilet Toilet door Toilet pan and basin Toilet diagram
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Information collected by: City of Melville

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.