City of Subiaco

Lords Community Recreation Centre, Subiaco

  • A community recreation centre with a gymnasium, multi-purpose courts, squash courts, indoor tennis courts, a 25 metre heated swiming pool, a fitness studio and a café and crèche
  • Two accessible parking bays at the main entrance and accessible toilet and change facilities in the male and female change areas
  • Wide level access to all downstairs facilities
  • The Companion Card is accepted
Location (View Map)
3 Price Street, Subiaco, WA 6008 Australia
Opening Hours
Gym and fitness
Monday to Friday 6.00am to 8.00pm
Saturday and Sunday 8.00am to 6.00pm
Public holidays 9.00am to 5.00pm
Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 7.00pm
Friday 8.30am to 2.00pm
Saturday 8.00am to 1.30pm
Sunday 9.00am to 1.30pm
  • Membership and general 08 9381 6666
  • Sports 08 9381 4777

Closest accessible parking

  • Two accessible bays close to the main entrance door.
  • Bays are 3.6 and 4.4 metres wide and both 5.2 metres long on level even bitumen with ground markings.
  • Vehicle access from: Price Street
  • Pedestrian access: Level and kerb ramp access to a covered entrance.
Parking bay Parking bay
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External access and entrance
  • The level brick paved main entrance is covered.
  • Double entrance doors, 76cm with one door open. Both doors can be opened.
  • Doors are heavy to open and fast to close.
Entrance door
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Internal area
  • The Centre has a large central reception area with the crèche and courts directly off this area. There are wide level corridors leading to all other downstairs facilities. 
  • One upstairs fitness studio is accessed via steps.
  • Reception
  • Level wide access along a corridor next to the courts, leads from the front door to a large reception desk, 1.2 metres high.
  • Couch seating is available.
Access to reception desk Reception desk Reception seating
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Signage, customer displays and customer information
  • Large clear signs throughout the centre.
Cafe, dining and food outlet
  • Opening hours
  • Monday to Thursday 7.00am to 10.00pm
  • Friday 7.00am to 7.00pm
  • Saturday 8.00am to 5.00pm
  • Sunday 9.00am to 2.00pm
  • Entrance is through bifold doors held open, 70cm wide. Additional doors can be opened by staff as required. The floor slopes up to the doors.
  • Internal
  • Spacious internally with access to all tables and chairs, both in the café and in the alfresco dining area.
  • The floor is vinyl.
  • The service and payment counter is at standing height, 1.1 metres with food displays at sitting height.
  • Tables are moveable with a central pedestal, 72cm high with 69cm knee clearance. Chairs do not have armrests.
  • The blackboard menu is in large clear print in good colour contrast.
Entrance Seating Counter
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  • Entry via the reception area and through an 90cm wide door that is light to open and closes slowly.
  • The small reception area has sufficient space for people using mobility aids. The reception desk is 1.1 metre high.  The entrance to the child minding area has a 94cm wide gate with a high child proof latch.  Assistance is available.
  • Level wide access between rooms.

Change Room

Lords Accessible Toilets and Change Rooms

  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Description: Male and female change rooms, generally spacious inside, each with an accessible toilet cubicle.
    Access directly inside of the male change rooms is through a 1 metre gap with access directly inside the female change room restricted to 86cm due to the position of the lockers.
    The female change room has a 1 metre wide, 2.2 metre long ramp with no handrails and a gradient of 1:17 connecting a lower entrance area with the toilets, showers and communal basins.
    Accessible toilets off wide communal areas through 1 metre wide doors with no door handles. Doors are light to open with no self closing mechanism.
  • Availability: Open
  • Signage: Male and female signs on outside doors.
  • Change room door: Off wide corridors with access through 82cm wide doors that are light to open and close slowly. There are D handles on the inside of doors.
  • Shower: Small shower cubicles with a small step down. Some shower cubicles have grab rails.
  • Toilet pan height: 42cm
  • Basin height: 80cm
Entrance door into the female change rooms Ramp inside the female change rooms Female toilet Male toilet Basin in accessible toilet Shower with grab rails Change area Bathroom diagram
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Appraisal Rooms
  • Two rooms off a wide corridor through 78cm wide doors. Customers will be accompanied by staff.
  • Room inside for people using wheeled mobility aids.
Door to Appraisal Room Inside Appraisal Room
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  • Wide double doors held open.
  • Reception counter at standing height.
  • Carpeted floor.
  • Stes up to a mezzanine area, however all equipment in mezzanine duplicated on the gorund floor.
Gymnasium equipment
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25 metre indoor pool and spa
  • Entrance
  • A 10cm step at the door to the pool, door is 78cm wide with a D handle, heavy to open.
  • Access to pool
  • Narrow step entry into pool, with one handrail.
  • Access to spa
  • Step entry into spa, with two handrails.
  • One chair with armrest provided near the pool.
Steps into pool Steps into spa
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Group Fitness
  • Wide entrance off a corridor that narrows to 85cm.
  • carpeted floor.
Courts 1, and 3
  • Ramp with handrails to the courts, with an additional short ramp to the mesh corridor between courts.
  • There is wooden bench seating without armrests for spectators outside, overlooking Court 3.
  • A drinking funtain at standing height provided near Court 3.
Ramp to courts Ramp to courts Bench seat Drinking fountain
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Courts 4 to 9
  • Level access to courts.
  • Tiered seating overlooking courts.
Training Centre Court 10
  • A 77cm wide door that is heavy to open and fast to close with a knob handle. There is a ramp up to the door.
  • Chairs without armrests provided for spectators.
Squash Courts
  • Entrance through an 83cm wide door with a small finger hole to open the door.
  • Up a 7cm step.

Information collected by: City of Subiaco

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.