Shire of Dardanup

Eaton Baptist Church

  • A spacious, modern style Baptist church that has a large congregation area, adjoining kitchen and kiosk, internal offices and a crèche
  • There are three designated accessible parking bays on site
  • Unisex accessible toilet on site
Eaton Baptist Church
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Location (View Map)
19 Bobin Street, Eaton, WA 6232 Australia
Opening Hours
  • Sunday Service is 10am until 12pm
  • Other events happen during the week including prayer groups, youth programs and a craft group.
  • 08 9725 1793

Closest accessible parking

  • Three accessible parking bays identified by blue line markings.
  • Bays are not signed and the access symbol is not used.
  • One bay is located next to the entrance path.
  • It is 3.1 metres wide and 6.2 metres long with a gradient of 1:19.
  • The second accessible bay is opposite the first bay. It is 3.7 metres wide and 5.1 metres long with a gradient of 1:14.
  • The third bay is 3.3 metres wide and 5.3 metres long with a gradient of 1:27.
  • Vehicle access from: Bobin Street
  • Pedestrian access:
    • The first bay has a level transition between the bay and entrance path.
    • The second bay has a shared pedestrian and vehicle drive between the bay and the path. The shared vehicle and pedestrian drive has a gradient of 1:23.
First Accessible Bay Second Accessible Bay Third Accessible Bay
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External access and entrance
  • The wide, paved path leading to the main entrance is approximately 6 metres long. It has a gradient of 1:20 at its base and becomes level.
  • The swing double door entrance is 77cm wide when one door is open. It is light to open and slow to close with a knob handle.
  • There is a lip at the entry.
Path Entrance
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Internal area
  • The entrance leads into a spacious carpeted foyer which has seating.
  • Wide double doors open into the main congregational area. These doors are usually kept open.
  • Chairs have arm and back rests with firm cushioning.

Main Congregational Area
  • Room is spacious with ample room for wheelchair seating spaces.
  • Moveable chairs in congregational area are plastic and do not have arm rests. Cushioning is provided.
  • There are 2 steps up to the carpeted altar. Steps have colour contrasted edges.
  • The lectern is on the altar and is at standing height.
Foyer Main Congregational Area Chairs Altar Lectern
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Signage, customer displays and customer information
  • There is information provided at sitting height on benches in the main foyer. Information has good colour contrast with easy to read font.
  • Signage is provided and has good colour contrast with large, easy to read font.
  • There is a microphone and speaker system that is used during services. Acoustics in the room are assisted by the presence of carpet.
  • The crèche is located off the foyer.
  • It has a level entry with a swing door that is 76cm wide.
  • The door is light to open and slow to close with a knob handle.
  • It is a small carpeted room that has some cushioned chairs with and without armrests.
  • There is also baby furniture and toys in the room which may limit circulation space.

Toilet: Eaton Baptist Church Unisex Toilet

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Signage: There is directional signage to the accessible toilet. The toilet door is identified by the access symbol.
  • External access: The toilet is located at the end of a wide carpeted corridor with a change of direction. The corridor narrows to 97cm wide.
  • Toilet door: The toilet door is 77cm wide and is light to open and slow to close. It has a lever handle with a twist lock.
  • Handrails: Provided
  • Lighting: Lighting is not on at all times. The height to the switch is 1.4 metres.
  • Emergency alarm: None provided.
  • Baby change table: Yes
  • Baby change table description: The baby change table is moveable and is able to fold. The height of the table is 80cm.
Toilet and Baby Change Table Toilet and Basin Toilet layout
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  • The kitchen is located through the main congregation area and has a kiosk opening into the room.
  • It has a single swing door 77cm wide that is usually kept open.
  • The kiosk is 90cm high and serves tea and coffee into the main area.
  • The kitchen is spacious and has a level entry.
Kiosk Kitchen Kitchen Door
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Information collected by: Shire of Dardanup

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.