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Molah Hill, Beekeepers Nature Reserve, north of Cervantes

  • Located halfway between Cervantes and Jurien, Molah Hill provides uninterrupted views of the Turquoise Coast
  • A short concrete path leads to the top of the hill and the hexagonal lookout
  • Views are inland over Beekeepers Nature Reserve to a wind farm and Mt Lesueur or over the water and islands of the Jurien Bay Marine Park
  • Parking is in unmarked bitumen bays
  • The nearest accessible toilet is located in the Jurien or Cervantes townships, details for these toilets currently not available online
Molah Hill lookout
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Location (View Map)
Indian Ocean Dr, Cervantes, WA 6511 Australia (About 14 kms north of Cervantes)
Opening Hours
  • Open 24 hours
  • 08 9652 7043

  • Parking is in an unmarked bitumen car park near the main path to the lookout.
  • There is level access between the car parking bays and the path.
  • Car parking bays are 3.9 metres wide and 7 metres long.
Car Parking Bays Car Parking Bays
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External access and entrance
  • The wide concrete path to the lookout is a 350 metre round trip.
  • There are multiple changes in direction with a maximum gradient of 1:10.
  • There is a seat 40cm high along the pathway.  There are also 40cm high seats, without armrests, at the main lookout. 
  • Display boards have information at sitting height.  Information is in large print in good colour contrast.
Access path near car park Access path Seat along path Signage along pathway Lookout
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Picnic facilities
  • A picnic table is located near the trail head, close to the car parking area.
  • It is reached over a compacted gravel surface.
  • The table has fixed bench seating on both sides of the table with seating spaces at both ends suitable for a wheelchair user.
Picnic table Picnic table
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Information collected by: Department of Environment and Conservation

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.