Town of Victoria Park

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, East Victoria Park

  • An Anglican denomination located in East Victoria Park with space within the church to accommodate people using wheelchairs and mobility devices
  • An accessible parking bay is located on site
  •  Standard toilet cubicles are provided, with the closest accessible toilet located at Hubert Street
Holy Trinity Anglican Church
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Location (View Map)
18 Whittlesford Street, East Victoria Park, WA 6101 Australia
Opening Hours
  • Office hours 9.00am to 12.00pm, Fridays
  • 08 9472 1497

Closest accessible parking

  • One outdoor, accessible parking bay is located in the carpark adjacent to the church.
  • The parking bay is identified by blue line markings and the access symbol.
  • The bay is 5.6 metres wide and 6 metres long on a level, bitumen surface.
  • Vehicle access from: Whittlesford Street
Accessible parking bay
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External access and entrance
  • A wide, 4 metre long cement walkway with an average gradient of 1:25 and handrails on both sides connects the pedestrian footpath to the main entrance. 
  • Alternatively there are five steps with a handrail on one side to the main entrance of the church.
  • The double door with finger pull handle opens to a tiled airlock in the main entry.  It is 72cm wide when one side is open.
  • The main entry doors to the church have a finger pull handle and is 70cm wide when one side is open.
  • Both doors are held open at the start and end of service.
Stairs Walkway Entrance
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Internal area
  • A spacious church with a wide, carpeted central aisle.
  • The pew seating is 45cm high.  There is alternate seating available 46cm high without armrests.
  • Spaces for wheelchairs are provided at the front of the church where the cross pews are located.
  • There are 3 steps to the fixed lectern.
  • There is an information table at the rear of the church that is at standing height.
Internal area Internal area Internal area
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Signage, customer displays and customer information
  • A visual display is presented during the service.
  • Handouts are provided that are easy to read with clear print in good colour contranst.
Accessible toilet
Accessible Toilet, Hubert Street, East Victoria Park


Church Hall
  • The Church Hall is located to the rear of the Church and is accessed via an external walkway.
  • The wide, 13 metre long walkway has an average gradient of 1:11.
  • It has a double door entrance with a high D handle and a small lip 4cm high. The door is 62cm wide when one side is open.
  • The hall has trestle style tables and tables with corner legs 72cm high with 69cm knee clearance. Chairs are 46cm high with armrests.
  • A kitchen facility and standard toilets are located within the hall.
Church Hall Hall entrance Chairs Kitchen Standard toilets
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Information collected by: Town of Victoria Park

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information however no guarantee is given that the facility is fully accessible. Please advise the You're Welcome WA coordinator at the Disability Services Commission of any access changes since publication.